︎︎︎ today’s weathers for art document

janhyang - reverb, KIM e KIM

where the light touches, lee sanghyeok

SOL, jorge mañes rubio

Ilgido, choi kyungjoo · yoon rahee

forest, randi & katrine

weather walking, hong seunghye

goldilocks, jung sungyoon

shaped by nature, a kassen

a brief falll, mimi jung

today.now.moon, yi donghooon

rain chain forest, SoA

light sphere, AVPD

6 smears 6 prayers, cha seungeun

how is your weather?, BARE

optical rails, kimchi and chips

date : 2021
for exhibition 《today’s weathers》
commision : team factory
collaborator, curators : green gim